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Entry #1

Upload some Art, yo!

2010-04-07 09:01:35 by Engimal

Gonna upload some art soon.


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2010-10-13 03:57:49

Australia is coolsauces


2010-10-13 03:58:22

omg you live in Australia and have the same name as me (Austin) cool


2010-12-27 08:46:44

You've ruined Australia by being an ignorant cunt. Damnit I was gonna go hang with my cousin who's a cool lawyer there. He makes lots of kites.

Engimal responds:

Right on.


2011-06-17 01:44:22

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2012-07-16 09:06:27

Aussie Rules Football Club, great idea I wish I had of done it myself. Add a link to it in your News post, so people that don't know about it will. Or I can just leave this here,